I am a DIVER and I want to pay the registration fees for an upcoming meet. How do I do that?
Before you can do anything you must have an account on the website and be logged in. If you haven't created an account yet then please click the Create Account link in the upper right corner of the page. Otherwise please click the Login link to login and then continue.
In order to pay the registration fees for a meet you need to visit your Dashboard.
From the Dashboard screen you need to locate the meet that you owe registration fees for. If CleanEntries is collecting meet fees for this meet then next to each event name you will see a little shopping cart icon. If the icon is green then you have paid the registration fees for that event. If the icon is red then you have not paid the registration fees yet for that event. Click the RED icon to be taken to the payment screen.
On the payment screen you will see fields for your billing information and for your credit card. Please enter the address on file for the credit card you will be using to pay. You can then enter your credit card information.
Below the billing and credit card fields there is a listing of all of the charges that are owed by event. You can edit this list to remove the events that you do not want to pay for by clicking the icon at the end of the row. This will remove that charge from this purchase. After removing a charge your total amount listed above will be updated automatically.

When you have finished updating the list please click the Submit Payment button. Please only click the button once. The charge will be processed and if your card is valid you will be taken to the order summary page. If your card is declined you will see a message appear on this payment page letting you know it was declined.

The order summary screen lists all of your past purchases. The purchase you just completed will be listed at the top. You can click the View Receipt link to view a receipt for your purchase. It will contain a list of all of the entries you paid for in that order. You can print this page for your records.