If you would like us to add your meet to the website so that coaches and athletes can register for your meet then please copy the contents below into a text editor, fill in the information pertaining to your meet and email it to us at support @ cleanentries . com.

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Please note that with our new entries process, you can keep your entries open as late as you would like. Once registrations close, you will receive and automated email with instructions on how to download those entries to your computer. So you can get them at your convenience. More information about how to retrieve your entries can be found at this link >> MORE INFO

CleanEntries Account username:

This user account, which must be a COACH account, will be linked to this meet. When registrations close, an automated email will be sent to this account with instructions on how to download the entries for this meet. More information about how to retrieve your entries can be found at this link >> MORE INFO

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Any general meet notes that you want included, special instructions for coaches/athletes:

For EVERY Event in your Meet please provide the following information:

  1. Exact Name of Event:
  2. Event rules/format (ie. 11 dive NFHS, AAU Group A, USD Group C, FINA Group A, NCAA 11 dives vols first, etc):
  3. Board Level (1m, 3m or tower):
  4. Gender: Male only, Female only or Together(any gender can register in this one event):
  5. Number of judges on panel:
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