Name of Meet:
RWB Blue North Qualifier
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Feb-25, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Mar-14, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Late Fees Charged:
Yes, $40.00 One-time Fee
Late Fees Begin:
Mar-12, 12:01 AM EST
Kennedy Shriver Aquatics Center
5900 Executive Blvd
Rockville, MD 20852
Main Contact:
Wesley Mattice
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

This is a very important message from the meet host. Please click here to read it.
Any entry NOT PAID by the registration deadline will be DELETED. You will then have to register on-deck for that event and PAY A LATE FEE.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Group A Boys 1M 16-171810 1h45m View Rules
Group A Boys 1M 18-19910 52m View Rules
Group A Boys 3M 16-171510 1h27m View Rules
Group A Boys 3M 18-19810 46m View Rules
Group A Boys Tower39 15m View Rules
Group A Girls 1M 16-17349 2h58m View Rules
Group A Girls 1M 18-19129 1h3m View Rules
Group A Girls 3M 16-17299 2h32m View Rules
Group A Girls 3M 18-19119 57m View Rules
Group A Girls Tower68 28m View Rules
Group A+ Boys Tower06 View Rules
Group A+ Girls Tower05 View Rules
Group B Boys 1M219 1h50m View Rules
Group B Boys 3M179 1h29m View Rules
Group B Boys Tower108 46m View Rules
Group B Girls 1M338 2h34m View Rules
Group B Girls 3M228 1h42m View Rules
Group B Girls Tower47 16m View Rules
Group C Boys 1M208 1h33m View Rules
Group C Boys 3M178 1h19m View Rules
Group C Boys Tower97 36m View Rules
Group C Girls 1M267 1h46m View Rules
Group C Girls 3M227 1h29m View Rules
Group C Girls Tower106 35m View Rules
Group D Boys 1M115 32m View Rules
Group D Boys 3M105 29m View Rules
Group D Boys Tower35 8m View Rules
Group D Girls 1M155 43m View Rules
Group D Girls 3M115 32m View Rules
Group D Girls Tower25 5m View Rules
Group E Boys 1M54 11m View Rules
Group E Boys 3M24 4m View Rules
Group E Boys Tower04 View Rules
Group E Girls 1M54 11m View Rules
Group E Girls 3M24 4m View Rules
Group E Girls Tower14 2m View Rules
Novice Boys 09 under, 1M24 4m View Rules
Novice Boys 09 under, 3M34 7m View Rules
Novice Boys 10-11, 1M25 5m View Rules
Novice Boys 10-11, 3M25 5m View Rules
Novice Boys 12-13, 1M26 7m View Rules
Novice Boys 12-13, 3M46 14m View Rules
Novice Boys 14-15, 1M16 3m View Rules
Novice Boys 14-15, 3M46 14m View Rules
Novice Boys 16-18, 1M07 View Rules
Novice Boys 16-18, 3M07 View Rules
Novice Girls 09 under, 1M14 2m View Rules
Novice Girls 09 under, 3M04 View Rules
Novice Girls 10-11, 1M05 View Rules
Novice Girls 10-11, 3M35 8m View Rules
Novice Girls 12-13, 1M26 7m View Rules
Novice Girls 12-13, 3M66 21m View Rules
Novice Girls 14-15, 1M26 7m View Rules
Novice Girls 14-15, 3M66 21m View Rules
Novice Girls 16-18, 1M17 4m View Rules
Novice Girls 16-18, 3M37 12m View Rules
Synchro Boys 13u 1M44 9m View Rules
Synchro Boys 13u 3M44 9m View Rules
Synchro Boys 14-15 1M45 11m View Rules
Synchro Boys 14-15 3M25 5m View Rules
Synchro Boys 16-19 1M25 5m View Rules
Synchro Boys 16-19 3M05 View Rules
Synchro Girls 13u 1M24 4m View Rules
Synchro Girls 13u 3M24 4m View Rules
Synchro Girls 14-15 1M05 View Rules
Synchro Girls 14-15 3M05 View Rules
Synchro Girls 16-19 1M05 View Rules
Synchro Girls 16-19 3M05 View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Alexandria Dive ClubAlexandriaVA
2Blue Dolphin DivingCherry HillNJ
3Blue TeamCoral SpringsFL
4Blue Wave DivingDansvilleNY
5Boston Area DivingBostonMA
6Centennial DivingJenkintownPA
7Dolphin Dive ClubSUDBURYMA
8Dominion Dive ClubviennaVA
9Elite Diving (CT)MiddletownCT
10K2 DivingVirginia BeachVA
11Liberty Diving AcademyLynchburgVA
12Mason Dive AcademyfairfaxVA
13Montgomery Dive ClubRockvilleMD
14Retriever Dive Club BaltimoreMD
15Richmond Area DivingRichmondVA
16South Shore Diving ClubDuxburyMA
17southern tier aquaticsOwegoNY
18Spartan Diving ClubLansingMI
19Upstate New York DivingRochesterNY
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Amitay, Olivia T17Silver SpringMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 09, 22:02
2Antonini, Isabella M17HiltonNYBlue Wave DivingMar 06, 21:41
3Atanda, Lilia13OlneyMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 20:09
4Avalos, Ethan8BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 21:30
5Bailey, Norah J14Silver SpringMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 22:00
6Baker, Zoe14W HartfordCTElite Diving (CT)Mar 04, 22:23
7Baliga, Soorya A14PrincetonNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 06, 00:59
8Barrie, Kate13BurkeVAMason Dive AcademyMar 11, 19:34
9Barringer, Sarah D17ArlingtonVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 11, 21:05
10Beanland, Gabriel13RichmondVARichmond Area DivingMar 07, 16:13
11Bernard, Sofia E10MarltonNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 06, 00:38
12Bidwell, Celia J14GermantownMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 05, 08:59
13Binning, Sean15AnnandaleVADominion Dive ClubMar 04, 15:13
14Blanc, Sam17WestfordMABoston Area DivingMar 05, 22:03
15Bloom, Spencer14ViennaVADominion Dive ClubFeb 25, 19:56
16Bohrnstedt, Hazel14 VALiberty Diving AcademyMar 07, 00:12
17Borowski, Sophia A9McleanVAMontgomery Dive ClubMar 07, 22:58
18Borzekowski, Ruby13Takoma ParkMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 20:43
19Bouker III, Jon S12WashingtonDCMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 15:30
20Bramao, Wynter S15Chevy ChaseMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 09, 15:50
21Bray, Matthew M13FairfaxVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 10, 17:41
22Brooks, Abigail16McLeanVADominion Dive ClubMar 04, 09:40
23Brooks, Jocelyn12McLeanVADominion Dive ClubFeb 27, 16:23
24Bross, Amanda K11CohassetMASouth Shore Diving ClubMar 07, 09:45
25Brown, Evan T14ArlingtonVADominion Dive ClubMar 06, 22:43
26Brown, Ivor S10ChantillyVADominion Dive ClubMar 11, 20:01
27Brychcy, Alexander J16PalmyraNYBlue Wave DivingMar 03, 15:13
28Buehler, Andrew K17WallingfordCTElite Diving (CT)Mar 11, 21:52
29Bulger, Emma C18Oak HillVAMontgomery Dive ClubMar 03, 10:22
30Buntman, Jessica R16MonroviaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 19:56
31Burgess, Kaila16FairfaxVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 14, 07:13
32Butler, Hannah J17RochesterNYUpstate New York DivingMar 07, 17:54
33Canova, Meredith C17GaithersburgMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 07, 20:31
34Carrick, Liesel9 VALiberty Diving AcademyMar 07, 00:00
35Casey, Conor18Annandale VaVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 10, 20:51
36Chrnelich, Maggie10TrentonNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 09, 17:57
37Cicalo, Baylor M13FentonMISpartan Diving ClubMar 04, 15:50
38Cicalo, Breckin M10FentonMISpartan Diving ClubMar 04, 21:18
39Cobey, Christopher11ArlingtonVADominion Dive ClubMar 08, 23:05
40Cobos, Ethan15CanandaiguaNYBlue Wave DivingMar 06, 17:22
41Cohen, Doug15WashingtonDCMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 21:12
42Colaizzo, Hannah18CranburyNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 11, 19:22
43Cooper, Kate L12PittsfordNYUpstate New York DivingMar 06, 20:11
44Crane, Trevor M18HerndonVADominion Dive ClubMar 07, 21:42
45Cristofaro, Matthew J12DuxburyMASouth Shore Diving ClubMar 09, 07:17
46Danzis, Miriam L14BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 19:43
47DaSilva, Marleigh10ViennaVADominion Dive ClubMar 08, 21:45
48Dearman, Spencer W14OaktonVADominion Dive ClubMar 06, 20:13
49DeJesus, Cara A13BurkeVADominion Dive ClubMar 12, 07:49
50Dhond, Sania P13SpringfieldVADominion Dive ClubMar 12, 21:44
51Di Scipio, Margaret A14Falls ChurchVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 04, 18:58
52Diakova, Alice J15RochesterNYUpstate New York DivingMar 06, 18:05
53Diekemper, Sydney15Severna ParkMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 10, 21:46
54Doe, Brendan11OaktonVADominion Dive ClubMar 06, 23:31
55Donnell, Minh15AnnandaleVADominion Dive ClubMar 11, 14:13
56donner, Hannah R16bethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 10, 18:34
57Donohoe, Morgan I17FULTONMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 09, 19:28
58Dotson, Luke15Washington CrossingPABlue Dolphin DivingMar 06, 08:45
59Douek, Naomi17BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 07, 22:44
60Edmonds, Kathryn11BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 05, 21:11
61Eisenberg, Michayla12ArlingtonVADominion Dive ClubMar 11, 11:47
62Essepian, Lilianna G12PotomacMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 04, 17:28
63Evaldi, Elisabeth J14LawrencevilleNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 12, 21:35
64Falcon, Danielle E14Fairfax StationVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 11, 17:21
65Fellow, Brooke K7Dunn LoringVADominion Dive ClubFeb 27, 11:35
66Field, Elizabeth16LivoniaNYBlue Wave DivingMar 05, 21:47
67Fisher, Hailey18AlexandriaVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 07, 10:52
68Fisher, Jacob13AlexandriaVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 07, 13:08
69Fisher, Miah15AlexandriaVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 07, 10:59
70Flory, Sam15FairfaxVADominion Dive ClubMar 04, 15:54
71Forbes, Rory13 VALiberty Diving AcademyMar 07, 00:09
72Fowler, Anne C16BURKEVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 06, 21:37
73Fowler, Max R13BURKEVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 09, 11:12
74Furner, John15HaddonfieldNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 06, 22:53
75Gelbach, Finnian J13SpringfieldVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 10, 11:11
76Gilbert-Lawrence, Liam16Cabin JohnMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 21:44
77Gold, Emma16Chevy ChaseMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 05, 22:55
78Graham, Cassie S17GermantownMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 07, 23:40
79Grannis, Nathaniel11AnnandaleVADominion Dive ClubMar 03, 09:55
80Griffith, Montana S17FultonMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 20:28
81Gupta, Arya13BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 10, 15:37
82Gurley, Sarah16OaktonVAMason Dive AcademyMar 08, 14:51
83Gutierrez, Aisling S12Providence ForgeVARichmond Area DivingMar 01, 14:09
84Hall, Dillon R18Cherry HillNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 11, 18:49
85Halla, Alexandra A16McLeanVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 11, 22:01
86Hanrahan, Zoe15 VALiberty Diving AcademyFeb 28, 15:20
87Hare, Elizabeth A15PrincetonNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 11, 12:55
88Harrington, Sally B13FairfaxVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 14, 14:55
89Hearn, Emma14Glen AllenVARichmond Area DivingMar 13, 08:36
90Hickey, Colin15MickletonNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 04, 10:21
91Hill, Dylan K8providence forgeVARichmond Area DivingMar 01, 14:10
92Hollenbeck, Hunter F16OkemosMISpartan Diving ClubMar 03, 19:53
93Holt, Nathan A17AlexandriaVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 13, 20:08
94Hopkins, Rhett15RivaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 09:41
95Hsu, Asa K11BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 10, 10:02
96Hsu, Delaney K7BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 08, 12:45
97Hsu, Lily K14BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 10, 10:34
98Hsu, Zoe G12BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 08, 12:15
99Imirowicz, Dylan H10Chevy ChaseMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 08, 12:17
100Irwin, Cyrus B16GrandvilleMISpartan Diving ClubMar 04, 21:29
101Jepson, Anna C16RichmondVARichmond Area DivingMar 04, 17:08
102Jones, Lane T15Glen AllenVARichmond Area DivingMar 01, 22:19
103Joyce, Ellie12ArlingtonVADominion Dive ClubFeb 27, 22:21
104Karlin, Hannah E18ArlingtonVADominion Dive ClubMar 11, 15:17
105Kendall, Carmen S13PittsfordNYUpstate New York DivingMar 11, 20:01
106Kennedy, Ashley M10BurkeVAMason Dive AcademyMar 07, 18:49
107Kenyon, Alex15BloomfieldNYUpstate New York DivingFeb 28, 11:11
108Kessner, Anne T11BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 21:06
109Kessner, William H13BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 21:38
110Kish, Gellert15BehesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 15:43
111Kislovskiy, Olya J17PotomacMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 12, 18:59
112Kotalik, Jamie P10PittsfordNYUpstate New York DivingMar 01, 16:01
113Kotalik, Victoria I13RochesterNYUpstate New York DivingMar 05, 16:29
114Kotowski, Jr., Kevin19ViennaVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 07, 20:49
115Kruidenier, Anna15 PACentennial DivingMar 12, 21:15
116Kwak, Marialis15PenningtonNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 06, 21:57
117Kwasniewski, Alexandra16LawerencevilleNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 11, 21:47
118Lawrence, Zachary17SherbornMABoston Area DivingMar 07, 18:11
119Lawver, Rowland R14PenningtonNJBlue TeamMar 05, 16:30
120Lebedev, Elice P12ArlingtonVADominion Dive ClubMar 08, 12:21
121Lede, Thibault9OaktonVADominion Dive ClubMar 08, 20:48
122Leusch, Sofie16RockvilleMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 18:40
123Li, Elena16West WindsorNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 07, 14:23
124Lin, Melody K15FreeholdNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 07, 16:23
125Lloyd, Meredith9Glen AllenVARichmond Area DivingMar 12, 17:55
126Lockard, Addison S11BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 08, 16:06
127Magee, Grace C16NorwellMASouth Shore Diving ClubMar 12, 18:06
128Mahana, Zein13PrincetonNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 06, 22:05
129Makowiec, Trent15AddisonNYBlue Wave DivingMar 07, 10:42
130Marino, Haley J9RockvilleMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 23:14
131Markert, Devin H11North BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 15:53
132May, Gavin16BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 08, 17:45
133McCahill, Della B9BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 21:04
134McDonald, Emma K15Cabin JohnMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 07, 21:16
135McGrath, Eleanor16Chevy ChaseMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 04, 17:23
136McHugh, Alicia H13JenkintownPACentennial DivingMar 12, 21:11
137Meuwissen, Sophie J12FairportNYUpstate New York DivingMar 10, 17:44
138Miller, Liam12BURKEVADominion Dive ClubMar 11, 13:30
139Mills, Lexi F17Providence ForgeVARichmond Area DivingMar 07, 14:00
140Mitchell, Jake17FairfaxVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 03, 20:36
141Montau, Hannah J18GERMANTOWNMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 04, 20:44
142Morales, Jacob16PotomacMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 08, 22:57
143Morford, Grace12Silver SpringMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 18:37
144Mosca, Donovan J8Cabin JohnMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 22:34
145murphy, owen16OaktonVADominion Dive ClubMar 11, 16:55
146Murray, Maya12ArlingtonVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 14, 08:36
147Musel, Julien T16KensingtonMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 05, 14:33
148Napier, Sarah P10RochesterNYUpstate New York DivingMar 06, 17:03
149Nickerson, Dale L16WestonMABoston Area DivingMar 07, 20:44
150Norris, Sydney E14BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 16:43
151Nuckols, Alexander12HaddonfieldNJCentennial DivingMar 12, 21:09
152O'Donoghue, Tynan12BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 10:12
153O'Sullivan, Rowan F16LeesburgVAMason Dive AcademyMar 07, 22:23
154Parada, Luke R13MorrisvillePABlue Dolphin DivingMar 11, 13:36
155Parker, Michael15OlneyMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 07, 00:10
156Pawline, Sophia13DelancoNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 11, 21:13
157Payne, Kailee15OwegoNYsouthern tier aquaticsMar 05, 19:02
158Peterson, Meredith16McleanVAMason Dive AcademyMar 10, 20:02
159Petrov, Lev5Falls ChurchVADominion Dive ClubMar 10, 15:00
160Pettit, Matthew9SuffolkVAK2 DivingMar 04, 20:13
161Phipps, Lara A15PittsfordNYUpstate New York DivingMar 07, 21:41
162Pioso, Julia R15CliftonVAMason Dive AcademyMar 10, 19:02
163Polsinelli, Claire Bella7ArlingtonVADominion Dive ClubMar 13, 19:12
164Porter, Grant T18HaslettMISpartan Diving ClubMar 07, 21:15
165Porter, Gryffin12 MISpartan Diving ClubMar 07, 23:41
166Porter, Jordan N15HaslettMISpartan Diving ClubMar 07, 21:58
167Porter, Lucille C13AlexandriaVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 11, 13:47
168Poulin, Livy17ConcordMABoston Area DivingMar 10, 14:54
169Quinn, Ryan J13PotomacMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 05, 21:32
170Read, Tyler D13RichmondVARichmond Area DivingMar 08, 22:06
171REGAN, TIERNEY14DUXBURYMASouth Shore Diving ClubMar 08, 17:35
172Rhee, Sam12Mt AiryMDRetriever Dive ClubMar 06, 21:24
173Rizzo, Robert P17PotomacMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 14:32
174Roberts, James6ChantillyVADominion Dive ClubMar 07, 14:20
175Rockefeller, Elisabeth12Fairfax StationVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 10, 17:10
176Rosenberger, Anthony J13Drexel HillPACentennial DivingMar 12, 21:05
177Rounds, Phoebe P9SkillmanNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 14, 19:19
178Saper, Lucy M17owings millsMDRetriever Dive ClubMar 07, 21:57
179Sexton, Matt16FinksburgMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 10, 21:49
180Shannon, George10Chevy ChaseMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 08, 01:18
181Shapiro, Dorothy17Chevy ChaseMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 06, 21:53
182Shivik, Nicholas10FairfaxVAMason Dive AcademyMar 13, 10:50
183Short, Brenna A12MarshfieldMASouth Shore Diving ClubMar 08, 10:33
184Silverstein, Lucy12ViennaVADominion Dive ClubMar 11, 11:50
185Sizer, Charlie14YardleyPACentennial DivingMar 12, 21:18
186Smegal, Derek17KensingtonMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 03, 15:53
187Smith, Chloe H16PenningtonNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 11, 22:58
188Smith, Sadie15ArlingtonVAMontgomery Dive ClubMar 10, 16:09
189Spoormaker, Nika13FairfaxVADominion Dive ClubMar 13, 21:27
190Sternberger, Nicolle10BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 17:44
191Tallagnon, Maggie13AlexandriaVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 13, 21:32
192Tazelaar, Graysun I14MECHANICSVILLEVARichmond Area DivingMar 02, 19:26
193Thomas, Aidan15AnnandaleVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 07, 22:20
194Thomas, Lee12PotomacMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 08:23
195Thornett, Harper C14McLeanVADominion Dive ClubMar 07, 23:06
196Tiller, Finn10 VALiberty Diving AcademyFeb 28, 14:43
197Tirona, Zoie E16RESTONVADominion Dive ClubMar 09, 10:29
198Tonole, Jessica J15LunenburgMADolphin Dive ClubMar 11, 14:55
199Tonole, Lillian13LunenburgMADolphin Dive ClubMar 11, 15:00
200Tonole, Samuel17LunenburgMADolphin Dive ClubMar 11, 14:48
201Valencic, Alex9McLeanVADominion Dive ClubMar 11, 10:20
202VASILIADIS, MATTEO13Great FallsVADominion Dive ClubMar 10, 16:58
203Vaughan, Katie13OaktonVAMason Dive AcademyMar 07, 17:17
204Von Schlag, Cristin E18HighlandMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 23:33
205Vroom, Claire14ViennaVADominion Dive ClubMar 11, 13:52
206Walker, John P12Ellicott CityMDRetriever Dive ClubMar 07, 19:12
207Wang, Aidan D13North PotomacMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 11, 20:09
208Wanzer, Nicholas E12Falls ChurchVADominion Dive ClubMar 11, 11:30
209Wanzer, Noah E12Falls ChurchVADominion Dive ClubMar 11, 11:18
210Warren, Matthew K16Dunn LoringVADominion Dive ClubMar 03, 23:40
211Waterfield, Mason D11FairfaxVADominion Dive ClubMar 11, 11:15
212Watt, Ren14RochesterNYUpstate New York DivingMar 04, 22:33
213Weatherhead, Eve A12HopkintonMABoston Area DivingMar 10, 22:37
214Weatherhead, Tess A14HopkintonMABoston Area DivingMar 10, 22:22
215Westwood, Quinn16PotomacMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 07, 22:49
216Whitbeck, Hunter16ActonMABoston Area DivingMar 03, 18:59
217williams, Kaarina T10PotomacMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 05, 13:20
218Williamson, Violet I11HamiltonNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 11, 19:01
219Wills, Tyler J12ViennaVAAlexandria Dive ClubMar 09, 08:51
220Winn, Arissona11ArlingtonVADominion Dive ClubMar 11, 13:36
221Winn, Christopher T13BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 08, 00:06
222Winn, Rayce13ArlingtonVADominion Dive ClubMar 11, 13:25
223Wood, Sarah L15McLeanVADominion Dive ClubMar 11, 19:05
224Yarden, Erez15BetthesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 08, 19:56
225Yen, Cecilia7ArlingtonVADominion Dive ClubMar 06, 18:18
226Zhou, Angela T16PrincetonNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 11, 21:42
227Zimsky, Dylan9BethesdaMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 07, 22:02
228Zindash, Zoe M15GAITHERSBURGMDMontgomery Dive ClubMar 10, 10:29
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Austin, MichelleAsst. CoachBlue Wave DivingDansvilleNY
2Brandes, GregoryAsst. CoachUpstate New York DivingRochesterNY
3brown, jenniHead CoachDominion Dive ClubLeesburgVA
4Comiskey, KyleAsst. CoachDominion Dive ClubHerndonVA
5Dolloff, CraigHead CoachSouth Shore Diving ClubDuxburyMA
6Kenyon, RussAsst. CoachUpstate New York DivingBloomfieldNY
7Kuttruff, StevenHead CoachCentennial DivingJenkintownPA
8O'Nalty, DevonHead CoachElite Diving (CT)MiddletownCT
9Perkins, TimHead CoachRetriever Dive ClubElkridgeMD
10Tonole, KellyHead CoachDolphin Dive ClubLunenburgMA
11Wood, LucasCoachLiberty Diving AcademyForestVA
12Wood, VictoriaHead CoachLiberty Diving AcademyForestVA
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Alexandria Dive ClubBarringer, Sarah D17ArlingtonVA
2Bray, Matthew M13FairfaxVA
3Burgess, Kaila16FairfaxVA
4Casey, Conor18Annandale VaVA
5Di Scipio, Margaret A14Falls ChurchVA
6Falcon, Danielle E14Fairfax StationVA
7Fisher, Hailey18AlexandriaVA
8Fisher, Jacob13AlexandriaVA
9Fisher, Miah15AlexandriaVA
10Fowler, Anne C16BURKEVA
11Fowler, Max R13BURKEVA
12Gelbach, Finnian J13SpringfieldVA
13Halla, Alexandra A16McLeanVA
14Harrington, Sally B13FairfaxVA
15Holt, Nathan A17AlexandriaVA
16Kotowski, Jr., Kevin19ViennaVA
17Mitchell, Jake17FairfaxVA
18Murray, Maya12ArlingtonVA
19Porter, Lucille C13AlexandriaVA
20Rockefeller, Elisabeth12Fairfax StationVA
21Tallagnon, Maggie13AlexandriaVA
22Thomas, Aidan15AnnandaleVA
23Wills, Tyler J12ViennaVA
24Blue Dolphin DivingBaliga, Soorya A14PrincetonNJ
25Bernard, Sofia E10MarltonNJ
26Chrnelich, Maggie10TrentonNJ
27Colaizzo, Hannah18CranburyNJ
28Dotson, Luke15Washington CrossingPA
29Evaldi, Elisabeth J14LawrencevilleNJ
30Furner, John15HaddonfieldNJ
31Hall, Dillon R18Cherry HillNJ
32Hare, Elizabeth A15PrincetonNJ
33Hickey, Colin15MickletonNJ
34Kwak, Marialis15PenningtonNJ
35Kwasniewski, Alexandra16LawerencevilleNJ
36Li, Elena16West WindsorNJ
37Lin, Melody K15FreeholdNJ
38Mahana, Zein13PrincetonNJ
39Parada, Luke R13MorrisvillePA
40Pawline, Sophia13DelancoNJ
41Rounds, Phoebe P9SkillmanNJ
42Smith, Chloe H16PenningtonNJ
43Williamson, Violet I11HamiltonNJ
44Zhou, Angela T16PrincetonNJ
45Blue TeamLawver, Rowland R14PenningtonNJ
46Blue Wave DivingAntonini, Isabella M17HiltonNY
47Brychcy, Alexander J16PalmyraNY
48Cobos, Ethan15CanandaiguaNY
49Field, Elizabeth16LivoniaNY
50Makowiec, Trent15AddisonNY
51Boston Area DivingBlanc, Sam17WestfordMA
52Lawrence, Zachary17SherbornMA
53Nickerson, Dale L16WestonMA
54Poulin, Livy17ConcordMA
55Weatherhead, Eve A12HopkintonMA
56Weatherhead, Tess A14HopkintonMA
57Whitbeck, Hunter16ActonMA
58Centennial DivingKruidenier, Anna15 PA
59McHugh, Alicia H13JenkintownPA
60Nuckols, Alexander12HaddonfieldNJ
61Rosenberger, Anthony J13Drexel HillPA
62Sizer, Charlie14YardleyPA
63Dolphin Dive ClubTonole, Jessica J15LunenburgMA
64Tonole, Lillian13LunenburgMA
65Tonole, Samuel17LunenburgMA
66Dominion Dive ClubBinning, Sean15AnnandaleVA
67Bloom, Spencer14ViennaVA
68Brooks, Abigail16McLeanVA
69Brooks, Jocelyn12McLeanVA
70Brown, Evan T14ArlingtonVA
71Brown, Ivor S10ChantillyVA
72Cobey, Christopher11ArlingtonVA
73Crane, Trevor M18HerndonVA
74DaSilva, Marleigh10ViennaVA
75Dearman, Spencer W14OaktonVA
76DeJesus, Cara A13BurkeVA
77Dhond, Sania P13SpringfieldVA
78Doe, Brendan11OaktonVA
79Donnell, Minh15AnnandaleVA
80Eisenberg, Michayla12ArlingtonVA
81Fellow, Brooke K7Dunn LoringVA
82Flory, Sam15FairfaxVA
83Grannis, Nathaniel11AnnandaleVA
84Joyce, Ellie12ArlingtonVA
85Karlin, Hannah E18ArlingtonVA
86Lebedev, Elice P12ArlingtonVA
87Lede, Thibault9OaktonVA
88Miller, Liam12BURKEVA
89murphy, owen16OaktonVA
90Petrov, Lev5Falls ChurchVA
91Polsinelli, Claire Bella7ArlingtonVA
92Roberts, James6ChantillyVA
93Silverstein, Lucy12ViennaVA
94Spoormaker, Nika13FairfaxVA
95Thornett, Harper C14McLeanVA
96Tirona, Zoie E16RESTONVA
97Valencic, Alex9McLeanVA
99Vroom, Claire14ViennaVA
100Wanzer, Nicholas E12Falls ChurchVA
101Wanzer, Noah E12Falls ChurchVA
102Warren, Matthew K16Dunn LoringVA
103Waterfield, Mason D11FairfaxVA
104Winn, Arissona11ArlingtonVA
105Winn, Rayce13ArlingtonVA
106Wood, Sarah L15McLeanVA
107Yen, Cecilia7ArlingtonVA
108Elite Diving (CT)Baker, Zoe14W HartfordCT
109Buehler, Andrew K17WallingfordCT
110K2 DivingPettit, Matthew9SuffolkVA
111Liberty Diving AcademyBohrnstedt, Hazel14 VA
112Carrick, Liesel9 VA
113Forbes, Rory13 VA
114Hanrahan, Zoe15 VA
115Tiller, Finn10 VA
116Mason Dive AcademyBarrie, Kate13BurkeVA
117Gurley, Sarah16OaktonVA
118Kennedy, Ashley M10BurkeVA
119O'Sullivan, Rowan F16LeesburgVA
120Peterson, Meredith16McleanVA
121Pioso, Julia R15CliftonVA
122Shivik, Nicholas10FairfaxVA
123Vaughan, Katie13OaktonVA
124Montgomery Dive ClubAmitay, Olivia T17Silver SpringMD
125Atanda, Lilia13OlneyMD
126Avalos, Ethan8BethesdaMD
127Bailey, Norah J14Silver SpringMD
128Bidwell, Celia J14GermantownMD
129Borowski, Sophia A9McleanVA
130Borzekowski, Ruby13Takoma ParkMD
131Bouker III, Jon S12WashingtonDC
132Bramao, Wynter S15Chevy ChaseMD
133Bulger, Emma C18Oak HillVA
134Buntman, Jessica R16MonroviaMD
135Canova, Meredith C17GaithersburgMD
136Cohen, Doug15WashingtonDC
137Danzis, Miriam L14BethesdaMD
138Diekemper, Sydney15Severna ParkMD
139donner, Hannah R16bethesdaMD
140Donohoe, Morgan I17FULTONMD
141Douek, Naomi17BethesdaMD
142Edmonds, Kathryn11BethesdaMD
143Essepian, Lilianna G12PotomacMD
144Gilbert-Lawrence, Liam16Cabin JohnMD
145Gold, Emma16Chevy ChaseMD
146Graham, Cassie S17GermantownMD
147Griffith, Montana S17FultonMD
148Gupta, Arya13BethesdaMD
149Hopkins, Rhett15RivaMD
150Hsu, Asa K11BethesdaMD
151Hsu, Delaney K7BethesdaMD
152Hsu, Lily K14BethesdaMD
153Hsu, Zoe G12BethesdaMD
154Imirowicz, Dylan H10Chevy ChaseMD
155Kessner, Anne T11BethesdaMD
156Kessner, William H13BethesdaMD
157Kish, Gellert15BehesdaMD
158Kislovskiy, Olya J17PotomacMD
159Leusch, Sofie16RockvilleMD
160Lockard, Addison S11BethesdaMD
161Marino, Haley J9RockvilleMD
162Markert, Devin H11North BethesdaMD
163May, Gavin16BethesdaMD
164McCahill, Della B9BethesdaMD
165McDonald, Emma K15Cabin JohnMD
166McGrath, Eleanor16Chevy ChaseMD
167Montau, Hannah J18GERMANTOWNMD
168Morales, Jacob16PotomacMD
169Morford, Grace12Silver SpringMD
170Mosca, Donovan J8Cabin JohnMD
171Musel, Julien T16KensingtonMD
172Norris, Sydney E14BethesdaMD
173O'Donoghue, Tynan12BethesdaMD
174Parker, Michael15OlneyMD
175Quinn, Ryan J13PotomacMD
176Rizzo, Robert P17PotomacMD
177Sexton, Matt16FinksburgMD
178Shannon, George10Chevy ChaseMD
179Shapiro, Dorothy17Chevy ChaseMD
180Smegal, Derek17KensingtonMD
181Smith, Sadie15ArlingtonVA
182Sternberger, Nicolle10BethesdaMD
183Thomas, Lee12PotomacMD
184Von Schlag, Cristin E18HighlandMD
185Wang, Aidan D13North PotomacMD
186Westwood, Quinn16PotomacMD
187williams, Kaarina T10PotomacMD
188Winn, Christopher T13BethesdaMD
189Yarden, Erez15BetthesdaMD
190Zimsky, Dylan9BethesdaMD
192Retriever Dive ClubRhee, Sam12Mt AiryMD
193Saper, Lucy M17owings millsMD
194Walker, John P12Ellicott CityMD
195Richmond Area DivingBeanland, Gabriel13RichmondVA
196Gutierrez, Aisling S12Providence ForgeVA
197Hearn, Emma14Glen AllenVA
198Hill, Dylan K8providence forgeVA
199Jepson, Anna C16RichmondVA
200Jones, Lane T15Glen AllenVA
201Lloyd, Meredith9Glen AllenVA
202Mills, Lexi F17Providence ForgeVA
203Read, Tyler D13RichmondVA
204Tazelaar, Graysun I14MECHANICSVILLEVA
205South Shore Diving ClubBross, Amanda K11CohassetMA
206Cristofaro, Matthew J12DuxburyMA
207Magee, Grace C16NorwellMA
209Short, Brenna A12MarshfieldMA
210southern tier aquaticsPayne, Kailee15OwegoNY
211Spartan Diving ClubCicalo, Baylor M13FentonMI
212Cicalo, Breckin M10FentonMI
213Hollenbeck, Hunter F16OkemosMI
214Irwin, Cyrus B16GrandvilleMI
215Porter, Grant T18HaslettMI
216Porter, Gryffin12 MI
217Porter, Jordan N15HaslettMI
218Upstate New York DivingButler, Hannah J17RochesterNY
219Cooper, Kate L12PittsfordNY
220Diakova, Alice J15RochesterNY
221Kendall, Carmen S13PittsfordNY
222Kenyon, Alex15BloomfieldNY
223Kotalik, Jamie P10PittsfordNY
224Kotalik, Victoria I13RochesterNY
225Meuwissen, Sophie J12FairportNY
226Napier, Sarah P10RochesterNY
227Phipps, Lara A15PittsfordNY
228Watt, Ren14RochesterNY
EventDivers NameVolOptTeam
1Group A Boys 1M 16-17Brychcy, Alexander J8.611.3Blue Wave Diving
2Cobos, Ethan8.711.8Blue Wave Diving
3Furner, John9.011.4Blue Dolphin Diving
4Gilbert-Lawrence, Liam8.310.2Montgomery Dive Club
5Hickey, Colin8.511.0Blue Dolphin Diving
6Hollenbeck, Hunter F9.013.6Spartan Diving Club
7Irwin, Cyrus B9.012.3Spartan Diving Club
8Makowiec, Trent9.011.9Blue Wave Diving
9May, Gavin8.412.1Montgomery Dive Club
10Morales, Jacob8.110.1Montgomery Dive Club
11murphy, owen8.711.0Dominion Dive Club
12Musel, Julien T8.411.0Montgomery Dive Club
13Nickerson, Dale L8.913.0Boston Area Diving
14Smegal, Derek8.911.3Montgomery Dive Club
15Tonole, Samuel9.012.1Dolphin Dive Club
16Warren, Matthew K8.610.8Dominion Dive Club
17Westwood, Quinn8.411.2Montgomery Dive Club
18Whitbeck, Hunter9.011.7Boston Area Diving
19Group A Boys 1M 18-19Buehler, Andrew K8.711.9Elite Diving (CT)
20Crane, Trevor M8.711.5Dominion Dive Club
21Hall, Dillon R8.712.3Blue Dolphin Diving
22Holt, Nathan A8.712.9Alexandria Dive Club
23Kotowski, Jr., Kevin8.511.4Alexandria Dive Club
24Lawrence, Zachary8.712.2Boston Area Diving
25Mitchell, Jake8.711.7Alexandria Dive Club
26Porter, Grant T8.811.3Spartan Diving Club
27Rizzo, Robert P9.011.6Montgomery Dive Club
28Group A Boys 3M 16-17Furner, John9.212.1Blue Dolphin Diving
29Gilbert-Lawrence, Liam8.38.9Montgomery Dive Club
30Hickey, Colin9.312.3Blue Dolphin Diving
31Hollenbeck, Hunter F9.314.9Spartan Diving Club
32Irwin, Cyrus B9.111.5Spartan Diving Club
33May, Gavin9.011.8Montgomery Dive Club
34Morales, Jacob8.49.8Montgomery Dive Club
35murphy, owen8.810.7Dominion Dive Club
36Musel, Julien T9.413.5Montgomery Dive Club
37Nickerson, Dale L9.312.2Boston Area Diving
38Sexton, Matt9.513.9Montgomery Dive Club
39Tonole, Samuel9.012.4Dolphin Dive Club
40Warren, Matthew K9.412.3Dominion Dive Club
41Westwood, Quinn9.412.4Montgomery Dive Club
42Whitbeck, Hunter9.411.5Boston Area Diving
43Group A Boys 3M 18-19Buehler, Andrew K9.413.9Elite Diving (CT)
44Casey, Conor9.515.8Alexandria Dive Club
45Crane, Trevor M8.612.7Dominion Dive Club
46Hall, Dillon R9.514.7Blue Dolphin Diving
47Holt, Nathan A8.814.8Alexandria Dive Club
48Kotowski, Jr., Kevin9.413.1Alexandria Dive Club
49Lawrence, Zachary9.512.3Boston Area Diving
50Porter, Grant T9.512.0Spartan Diving Club
51Group A Boys TowerFurner, John6.911.0Blue Dolphin Diving
52Musel, Julien T6.110.5Montgomery Dive Club
53Sexton, Matt7.213.0Montgomery Dive Club
54Group A Girls 1M 16-17Antonini, Isabella M8.48.5Blue Wave Diving
55Barringer, Sarah D8.69.1Alexandria Dive Club
56Bramao, Wynter S8.88.5Montgomery Dive Club
57Brooks, Abigail8.17.2Dominion Dive Club
58Buntman, Jessica R8.69.0Montgomery Dive Club
59Butler, Hannah J8.79.5Upstate New York Diving
60Canova, Meredith C8.68.7Montgomery Dive Club
61Diakova, Alice J8.79.8Upstate New York Diving
62donner, Hannah R8.08.1Montgomery Dive Club
63Donohoe, Morgan I8.07.9Montgomery Dive Club
64Field, Elizabeth8.28.7Blue Wave Diving
65Fisher, Miah8.69.3Alexandria Dive Club
66Fowler, Anne C9.09.8Alexandria Dive Club
67Gold, Emma8.37.7Montgomery Dive Club
68Graham, Cassie S8.69.2Montgomery Dive Club
69Griffith, Montana S8.07.5Montgomery Dive Club
70Gurley, Sarah8.79.0Mason Dive Academy
71Halla, Alexandra A8.79.2Alexandria Dive Club
72Hare, Elizabeth A8.58.7Blue Dolphin Diving
73Jepson, Anna C8.88.5Richmond Area Diving
74Kruidenier, Anna7.98.3Centennial Diving
75Kwasniewski, Alexandra9.09.0Blue Dolphin Diving
76Leusch, Sofie8.16.9Montgomery Dive Club
77Li, Elena8.99.2Blue Dolphin Diving
78Magee, Grace C9.09.0South Shore Diving Club
79McGrath, Eleanor8.69.2Montgomery Dive Club
80O'Sullivan, Rowan F8.79.0Mason Dive Academy
81Peterson, Meredith8.78.8Mason Dive Academy
82Poulin, Livy9.09.6Boston Area Diving
83Smith, Chloe H7.98.5Blue Dolphin Diving
84Tirona, Zoie E8.18.3Dominion Dive Club
85Wood, Sarah L8.38.7Dominion Dive Club
86Zhou, Angela T8.69.6Blue Dolphin Diving
87Zindash, Zoe M8.28.5Montgomery Dive Club
88Group A Girls 1M 18-19Amitay, Olivia T8.58.8Montgomery Dive Club
89Blanc, Sam8.79.9Boston Area Diving
90Bulger, Emma C8.79.4Montgomery Dive Club
91Colaizzo, Hannah8.69.0Blue Dolphin Diving
92Douek, Naomi8.79.0Montgomery Dive Club
93Fisher, Hailey8.79.5Alexandria Dive Club
94Karlin, Hannah E8.69.2Dominion Dive Club
95Kislovskiy, Olya J8.08.3Montgomery Dive Club
96Mills, Lexi F9.010.0Richmond Area Diving
97Montau, Hannah J8.79.2Montgomery Dive Club
98Shapiro, Dorothy8.69.2Montgomery Dive Club
99Von Schlag, Cristin E8.79.5Montgomery Dive Club
100Group A Girls 3M 16-17Antonini, Isabella M9.38.9Blue Wave Diving
101Bramao, Wynter S9.18.2Montgomery Dive Club
102Brooks, Abigail8.37.4Dominion Dive Club
103Buntman, Jessica R9.59.8Montgomery Dive Club
104Burgess, Kaila8.67.8Alexandria Dive Club
105Butler, Hannah J9.510.7Upstate New York Diving
106Canova, Meredith C8.78.8Montgomery Dive Club
107Diakova, Alice J9.59.6Upstate New York Diving
108donner, Hannah R8.48.0Montgomery Dive Club
109Field, Elizabeth8.57.4Blue Wave Diving
110Fowler, Anne C9.511.8Alexandria Dive Club
111Graham, Cassie S9.510.3Montgomery Dive Club
112Griffith, Montana S8.27.0Montgomery Dive Club
113Gurley, Sarah9.59.0Mason Dive Academy
114Halla, Alexandra A9.510.3Alexandria Dive Club
115Hare, Elizabeth A8.98.5Blue Dolphin Diving
116Jepson, Anna C9.29.3Richmond Area Diving
117Kwasniewski, Alexandra9.19.0Blue Dolphin Diving
118Li, Elena9.59.3Blue Dolphin Diving
119Magee, Grace C9.18.7South Shore Diving Club
120McGrath, Eleanor9.49.4Montgomery Dive Club
121O'Sullivan, Rowan F9.58.6Mason Dive Academy
122Peterson, Meredith9.59.2Mason Dive Academy
123Poulin, Livy9.510.3Boston Area Diving
124Smith, Chloe H8.28.7Blue Dolphin Diving
125Tirona, Zoie E9.18.5Dominion Dive Club
126Wood, Sarah L8.68.0Dominion Dive Club
127Zhou, Angela T8.79.2Blue Dolphin Diving
128Zindash, Zoe M8.78.0Montgomery Dive Club
129Group A Girls 3M 18-19Amitay, Olivia T9.28.8Montgomery Dive Club
130Blanc, Sam9.511.3Boston Area Diving
131Bulger, Emma C9.510.7Montgomery Dive Club
132Colaizzo, Hannah8.78.8Blue Dolphin Diving
133Douek, Naomi9.48.7Montgomery Dive Club
134Fisher, Hailey9.410.3Alexandria Dive Club
135Karlin, Hannah E9.49.1Dominion Dive Club
136Mills, Lexi F9.510.7Richmond Area Diving
137Montau, Hannah J9.511.1Montgomery Dive Club
138Shapiro, Dorothy9.49.7Montgomery Dive Club
139Von Schlag, Cristin E9.59.8Montgomery Dive Club
140Group A Girls TowerButler, Hannah J7.29.3Upstate New York Diving
141Diakova, Alice J7.69.2Upstate New York Diving
142Halla, Alexandra A6.58.3Alexandria Dive Club
143McGrath, Eleanor6.18.4Montgomery Dive Club
144Montau, Hannah J7.610.4Montgomery Dive Club
145Shapiro, Dorothy6.28.5Montgomery Dive Club
146Group B Boys 1MBinning, Sean8.68.7Dominion Dive Club
147Bloom, Spencer8.28.7Dominion Dive Club
148Bray, Matthew M8.79.0Alexandria Dive Club
149Brown, Evan T8.38.9Dominion Dive Club
150Cohen, Doug8.38.7Montgomery Dive Club
151Dearman, Spencer W8.18.5Dominion Dive Club
152Dotson, Luke8.68.7Blue Dolphin Diving
153Fisher, Jacob8.79.7Alexandria Dive Club
154Fowler, Max R9.010.3Alexandria Dive Club
155Jones, Lane T7.86.9Richmond Area Diving
156Kenyon, Alex8.710.0Upstate New York Diving
157Kish, Gellert8.48.2Montgomery Dive Club
158Lawver, Rowland R8.89.4Blue Team
159Parada, Luke R7.97.4Blue Dolphin Diving
160Parker, Michael8.69.4Montgomery Dive Club
161Quinn, Ryan J8.18.0Montgomery Dive Club
162Sizer, Charlie7.88.5Centennial Diving
163Thomas, Aidan8.69.1Alexandria Dive Club
164Thornett, Harper C8.48.9Dominion Dive Club
165VASILIADIS, MATTEO8.48.3Dominion Dive Club
166Yarden, Erez8.18.7Montgomery Dive Club
167Group B Boys 3MBinning, Sean9.49.5Dominion Dive Club
168Bloom, Spencer9.510.5Dominion Dive Club
169Bray, Matthew M9.511.1Alexandria Dive Club
170Brown, Evan T9.19.6Dominion Dive Club
171Cohen, Doug8.47.4Montgomery Dive Club
172Dearman, Spencer W8.48.0Dominion Dive Club
173Dotson, Luke9.510.8Blue Dolphin Diving
174Fisher, Jacob9.511.4Alexandria Dive Club
175Fowler, Max R9.511.4Alexandria Dive Club
176Kenyon, Alex9.510.5Upstate New York Diving
177Kish, Gellert8.67.4Montgomery Dive Club
178Lawver, Rowland R9.510.0Blue Team
179Parker, Michael8.810.7Montgomery Dive Club
180Quinn, Ryan J8.58.0Montgomery Dive Club
181Thomas, Aidan9.211.2Alexandria Dive Club
182Thornett, Harper C9.39.2Dominion Dive Club
183VASILIADIS, MATTEO8.58.1Dominion Dive Club
184Group B Boys TowerBloom, Spencer7.49.2Dominion Dive Club
185Bray, Matthew M7.610.8Alexandria Dive Club
186Dotson, Luke7.411.6Blue Dolphin Diving
187Fisher, Jacob7.611.9Alexandria Dive Club
188Fowler, Max R7.610.8Alexandria Dive Club
189Kenyon, Alex6.48.6Upstate New York Diving
190Lawver, Rowland R7.08.1Blue Team
191Parker, Michael7.510.0Montgomery Dive Club
192Thomas, Aidan6.511.2Alexandria Dive Club
193Thornett, Harper C6.18.4Dominion Dive Club
194Group B Girls 1MBailey, Norah J8.05.9Montgomery Dive Club
195Baker, Zoe8.87.1Elite Diving (CT)
196Baliga, Soorya A8.46.4Blue Dolphin Diving
197Bidwell, Celia J8.05.8Montgomery Dive Club
198Bohrnstedt, Hazel7.54.7Liberty Diving Academy
199Danzis, Miriam L7.85.7Montgomery Dive Club
200Di Scipio, Margaret A8.76.6Alexandria Dive Club
201Diekemper, Sydney7.45.0Montgomery Dive Club
202Donnell, Minh8.76.7Dominion Dive Club
203Evaldi, Elisabeth J7.96.5Blue Dolphin Diving
204Falcon, Danielle E8.66.4Alexandria Dive Club
205Gupta, Arya8.05.3Montgomery Dive Club
206Hanrahan, Zoe7.75.0Liberty Diving Academy
207Harrington, Sally B8.05.8Alexandria Dive Club
208Hearn, Emma7.74.8Richmond Area Diving
209Hsu, Lily K8.15.8Montgomery Dive Club
210Kwak, Marialis8.77.3Blue Dolphin Diving
211Lin, Melody K8.06.0Blue Dolphin Diving
212McDonald, Emma K8.36.3Montgomery Dive Club
213Norris, Sydney E7.64.8Montgomery Dive Club
214Payne, Kailee8.97.0southern tier aquatics
215Phipps, Lara A8.56.3Upstate New York Diving
216Pioso, Julia R8.76.8Mason Dive Academy
217Porter, Jordan N7.94.9Spartan Diving Club
218Porter, Lucille C8.76.5Alexandria Dive Club
219REGAN, TIERNEY8.36.7South Shore Diving Club
220Smith, Sadie8.15.8Montgomery Dive Club
221Tallagnon, Maggie7.94.7Alexandria Dive Club
222Tazelaar, Graysun I7.75.0Richmond Area Diving
223Tonole, Jessica J8.76.8Dolphin Dive Club
224Vroom, Claire8.36.7Dominion Dive Club
225Watt, Ren8.86.3Upstate New York Diving
226Weatherhead, Tess A8.26.4Boston Area Diving
227Group B Girls 3MBaliga, Soorya A8.56.5Blue Dolphin Diving
228Bidwell, Celia J8.56.1Montgomery Dive Club
229Danzis, Miriam L8.05.2Montgomery Dive Club
230Di Scipio, Margaret A8.66.6Alexandria Dive Club
231Diekemper, Sydney8.25.2Montgomery Dive Club
232Donnell, Minh9.47.3Dominion Dive Club
233Evaldi, Elisabeth J9.06.4Blue Dolphin Diving
234Falcon, Danielle E8.76.4Alexandria Dive Club
235Hearn, Emma8.25.1Richmond Area Diving
236Kwak, Marialis9.37.5Blue Dolphin Diving
237Lin, Melody K8.56.4Blue Dolphin Diving
238McDonald, Emma K8.66.0Montgomery Dive Club
239Norris, Sydney E8.25.1Montgomery Dive Club
240Payne, Kailee9.47.2southern tier aquatics
241Phipps, Lara A9.26.3Upstate New York Diving
242Pioso, Julia R9.57.5Mason Dive Academy
243Porter, Lucille C9.57.6Alexandria Dive Club
244REGAN, TIERNEY8.36.1South Shore Diving Club
245Tonole, Jessica J9.57.6Dolphin Dive Club
246Vroom, Claire8.65.7Dominion Dive Club
247Watt, Ren8.76.1Upstate New York Diving
248Weatherhead, Tess A9.06.5Boston Area Diving
249Group B Girls TowerDi Scipio, Margaret A7.16.7Alexandria Dive Club
250Donnell, Minh6.66.7Dominion Dive Club
251Phipps, Lara A5.85.6Upstate New York Diving
252Porter, Lucille C6.26.0Alexandria Dive Club
253Group C Boys 1MBouker III, Jon S8.26.8Montgomery Dive Club
254Cicalo, Baylor M8.05.8Spartan Diving Club
255Cobey, Christopher7.64.7Dominion Dive Club
256Cristofaro, Matthew J8.46.3South Shore Diving Club
257Gelbach, Finnian J8.57.2Alexandria Dive Club
258Hsu, Asa K8.25.3Montgomery Dive Club
259Mahana, Zein8.46.4Blue Dolphin Diving
260Markert, Devin H8.26.4Montgomery Dive Club
261Miller, Liam8.16.4Dominion Dive Club
262Nuckols, Alexander8.46.6Centennial Diving
263Porter, Gryffin7.95.7Spartan Diving Club
264Read, Tyler D8.57.3Richmond Area Diving
265Rosenberger, Anthony J8.16.4Centennial Diving
266Walker, John P8.25.8Retriever Dive Club
267Wang, Aidan D9.07.3Montgomery Dive Club
268Wanzer, Nicholas E8.26.7Dominion Dive Club
269Wanzer, Noah E8.16.4Dominion Dive Club
270Wills, Tyler J8.77.1Alexandria Dive Club
271Winn, Christopher T8.06.4Montgomery Dive Club
272Winn, Rayce8.66.6Dominion Dive Club
273Group C Boys 3MBouker III, Jon S8.66.0Montgomery Dive Club
274Cicalo, Baylor M8.55.8Spartan Diving Club
275Cristofaro, Matthew J8.15.4South Shore Diving Club
276Gelbach, Finnian J8.68.4Alexandria Dive Club
277Hsu, Asa K8.55.1Montgomery Dive Club
278Mahana, Zein8.56.5Blue Dolphin Diving
279Markert, Devin H8.56.0Montgomery Dive Club
280Miller, Liam9.16.5Dominion Dive Club
281Nuckols, Alexander8.56.0Centennial Diving
282Porter, Gryffin8.35.5Spartan Diving Club
283Read, Tyler D9.38.0Richmond Area Diving
284Wang, Aidan D9.58.3Montgomery Dive Club
285Wanzer, Nicholas E8.76.4Dominion Dive Club
286Wanzer, Noah E8.66.0Dominion Dive Club
287Wills, Tyler J9.58.3Alexandria Dive Club
288Winn, Christopher T8.66.2Montgomery Dive Club
289Winn, Rayce8.76.2Dominion Dive Club
290Group C Boys TowerGelbach, Finnian J6.57.9Alexandria Dive Club
291Markert, Devin H6.46.6Montgomery Dive Club
292Miller, Liam6.26.4Dominion Dive Club
293O'Donoghue, Tynan5.75.3Montgomery Dive Club
294Read, Tyler D7.47.4Richmond Area Diving
295Wang, Aidan D7.68.0Montgomery Dive Club
296Wanzer, Nicholas E6.36.0Dominion Dive Club
297Wills, Tyler J7.48.3Alexandria Dive Club
298Winn, Rayce6.26.2Dominion Dive Club
299Group C Girls 1MAtanda, Lilia8.44.2Montgomery Dive Club
300Barrie, Kate7.84.4Mason Dive Academy
301Borzekowski, Ruby8.24.4Montgomery Dive Club
302Brooks, Jocelyn8.84.2Dominion Dive Club
303Bross, Amanda K8.04.4South Shore Diving Club
304Cooper, Kate L9.04.4Upstate New York Diving
305Eisenberg, Michayla8.64.7Dominion Dive Club
306Essepian, Lilianna G8.23.1Montgomery Dive Club
307Gutierrez, Aisling S8.24.2Richmond Area Diving
308Hsu, Zoe G8.24.2Montgomery Dive Club
309Joyce, Ellie8.64.8Dominion Dive Club
310Kendall, Carmen S8.54.4Upstate New York Diving
311Kotalik, Victoria I8.94.2Upstate New York Diving
312McHugh, Alicia H8.14.2Centennial Diving
313Meuwissen, Sophie J9.04.4Upstate New York Diving
314Morford, Grace7.83.2Montgomery Dive Club
315Pawline, Sophia8.04.2Blue Dolphin Diving
316Rhee, Sam7.93.3Retriever Dive Club
317Rockefeller, Elisabeth9.04.2Alexandria Dive Club
318Short, Brenna A8.84.4South Shore Diving Club
319Silverstein, Lucy7.73.1Dominion Dive Club
320Thomas, Lee7.63.1Montgomery Dive Club
321Tonole, Lillian8.84.5Dolphin Dive Club
322Vaughan, Katie8.44.3Mason Dive Academy
323Weatherhead, Eve A8.74.4Boston Area Diving
324Williamson, Violet I8.24.6Blue Dolphin Diving
325Group C Girls 3MAtanda, Lilia8.23.5Montgomery Dive Club
326Barrie, Kate8.44.1Mason Dive Academy
327Borzekowski, Ruby9.24.1Montgomery Dive Club
328Brooks, Jocelyn9.34.6Dominion Dive Club
329Bross, Amanda K8.34.1South Shore Diving Club
330Cooper, Kate L8.73.6Upstate New York Diving
331Eisenberg, Michayla8.64.5Dominion Dive Club
332Essepian, Lilianna G8.53.3Montgomery Dive Club
333Gutierrez, Aisling S8.54.1Richmond Area Diving
334Hsu, Zoe G8.63.8Montgomery Dive Club
335Joyce, Ellie9.35.1Dominion Dive Club
336Kendall, Carmen S9.03.8Upstate New York Diving
337Kotalik, Victoria I8.64.0Upstate New York Diving
338McHugh, Alicia H8.44.1Centennial Diving
339Meuwissen, Sophie J9.13.9Upstate New York Diving
340Morford, Grace8.43.4Montgomery Dive Club
341Rockefeller, Elisabeth8.74.3Alexandria Dive Club
342Short, Brenna A8.44.3South Shore Diving Club
343Tonole, Lillian8.73.6Dolphin Dive Club
344Vaughan, Katie9.14.3Mason Dive Academy
345Weatherhead, Eve A8.33.5Boston Area Diving
346Williamson, Violet I8.64.8Blue Dolphin Diving
347Group C Girls TowerBorzekowski, Ruby5.83.2Montgomery Dive Club
348Brooks, Jocelyn6.13.4Dominion Dive Club
349Cooper, Kate L5.93.4Upstate New York Diving
350Eisenberg, Michayla6.63.9Dominion Dive Club
351Hsu, Zoe G5.73.1Montgomery Dive Club
352Joyce, Ellie5.73.8Dominion Dive Club
353Kendall, Carmen S6.33.9Upstate New York Diving
354Kotalik, Victoria I5.93.4Upstate New York Diving
355Meuwissen, Sophie J6.33.9Upstate New York Diving
356Williamson, Violet I5.93.4Blue Dolphin Diving
357Group D Boys 1MBrown, Ivor S5.44.5Dominion Dive Club
358Cicalo, Breckin M4.13.1Spartan Diving Club
359Grannis, Nathaniel5.44.3Dominion Dive Club
360Hopkins, Rhett5.46.0Montgomery Dive Club
361Imirowicz, Dylan H4.54.4Montgomery Dive Club
362Pettit, Matthew4.63.1K2 Diving
363Shannon, George4.13.1Montgomery Dive Club
364Shivik, Nicholas4.74.2Mason Dive Academy
365Tiller, Finn4.33.1Liberty Diving Academy
366Valencic, Alex4.23.3Dominion Dive Club
367Waterfield, Mason D4.43.2Dominion Dive Club
368Group D Boys 3MBrown, Ivor S5.14.2Dominion Dive Club
369Cicalo, Breckin M4.43.3Spartan Diving Club
370Grannis, Nathaniel5.44.8Dominion Dive Club
371Hopkins, Rhett5.14.3Montgomery Dive Club
372Imirowicz, Dylan H4.84.2Montgomery Dive Club
373Pettit, Matthew4.73.0K2 Diving
374Shannon, George4.43.4Montgomery Dive Club
375Shivik, Nicholas5.04.1Mason Dive Academy
376Valencic, Alex4.43.4Dominion Dive Club
377Waterfield, Mason D4.63.4Dominion Dive Club
378Group D Boys TowerBrown, Ivor S5.24.6Dominion Dive Club
379Grannis, Nathaniel5.34.4Dominion Dive Club
380Imirowicz, Dylan H4.64.6Montgomery Dive Club
381Group D Girls 1MBernard, Sofia E4.13.2Blue Dolphin Diving
382Chrnelich, Maggie4.13.5Blue Dolphin Diving
383DaSilva, Marleigh5.14.4Dominion Dive Club
384Edmonds, Kathryn4.33.0Montgomery Dive Club
385Kennedy, Ashley M4.13.2Mason Dive Academy
386Kessner, Anne T4.53.1Montgomery Dive Club
387Kotalik, Jamie P4.73.3Upstate New York Diving
388Lockard, Addison S4.13.1Montgomery Dive Club
389Marino, Haley J4.32.9Montgomery Dive Club
390McCahill, Della B4.12.6Montgomery Dive Club
391Napier, Sarah P4.33.0Upstate New York Diving
392Rounds, Phoebe P4.33.0Blue Dolphin Diving
393Sternberger, Nicolle4.72.9Montgomery Dive Club
394williams, Kaarina T4.13.1Montgomery Dive Club
395Winn, Arissona4.63.8Dominion Dive Club
396Group D Girls 3MBernard, Sofia E4.43.4Blue Dolphin Diving
397Chrnelich, Maggie4.43.0Blue Dolphin Diving
398DaSilva, Marleigh5.14.3Dominion Dive Club
399Edmonds, Kathryn4.92.7Montgomery Dive Club
400Kennedy, Ashley M4.52.9Mason Dive Academy
401Kessner, Anne T4.83.4Montgomery Dive Club
402Kotalik, Jamie P5.03.3Upstate New York Diving
403Napier, Sarah P4.92.9Upstate New York Diving
404Rounds, Phoebe P4.92.8Blue Dolphin Diving
405williams, Kaarina T4.43.3Montgomery Dive Club
406Winn, Arissona5.44.1Dominion Dive Club
407Group D Girls TowerDaSilva, Marleigh4.23.1Dominion Dive Club
408Winn, Arissona4.53.9Dominion Dive Club
409Group E Boys 1MAvalos, Ethan4.11.7Montgomery Dive Club
410Hill, Dylan K4.11.6Richmond Area Diving
411Hsu, Delaney K4.11.4Montgomery Dive Club
412Mosca, Donovan J4.11.6Montgomery Dive Club
413Zimsky, Dylan4.11.4Montgomery Dive Club
414Group E Boys 3MHill, Dylan K4.41.5Richmond Area Diving
415Zimsky, Dylan4.61.5Montgomery Dive Club
416Group E Girls 1MBorowski, Sophia A4.72.0Montgomery Dive Club
417Carrick, Liesel4.11.4Liberty Diving Academy
418Fellow, Brooke K4.51.4Dominion Dive Club
419Lloyd, Meredith4.11.6Richmond Area Diving
420Yen, Cecilia4.51.4Dominion Dive Club
421Group E Girls 3MBorowski, Sophia A5.41.9Montgomery Dive Club
422Lloyd, Meredith4.41.5Richmond Area Diving
423Group E Girls TowerBorowski, Sophia A4.11.6Montgomery Dive Club
424Novice Boys 09 under, 1MPetrov, Lev0.04.0Dominion Dive Club
425Roberts, James0.04.0Dominion Dive Club
426Novice Boys 09 under, 3MAvalos, Ethan0.04.0Montgomery Dive Club
427Hsu, Delaney K0.04.0Montgomery Dive Club
428Mosca, Donovan J0.04.0Montgomery Dive Club
429Novice Boys 10-11, 1MDoe, Brendan0.05.0Dominion Dive Club
430Lede, Thibault0.05.0Dominion Dive Club
431Novice Boys 10-11, 3MDoe, Brendan0.05.0Dominion Dive Club
432Tiller, Finn0.05.0Liberty Diving Academy
433Novice Boys 12-13, 1MBeanland, Gabriel0.06.0Richmond Area Diving
434Forbes, Rory0.06.0Liberty Diving Academy
435Novice Boys 12-13, 3MBeanland, Gabriel0.06.0Richmond Area Diving
436Cobey, Christopher0.06.0Dominion Dive Club
437Rosenberger, Anthony J0.06.0Centennial Diving
438Walker, John P0.06.0Retriever Dive Club
439Novice Boys 14-15, 1MKessner, William H0.06.0Montgomery Dive Club
440Novice Boys 14-15, 3MJones, Lane T0.06.0Richmond Area Diving
441Kessner, William H0.06.0Montgomery Dive Club
442Parada, Luke R0.06.0Blue Dolphin Diving
443Sizer, Charlie0.06.0Centennial Diving
444Novice Girls 09 under, 1MPolsinelli, Claire Bella0.04.0Dominion Dive Club
445Novice Girls 10-11, 3MLockard, Addison S0.05.0Montgomery Dive Club
446McCahill, Della B0.05.0Montgomery Dive Club
447Sternberger, Nicolle0.05.0Montgomery Dive Club
448Novice Girls 12-13, 1MLebedev, Elice P0.06.0Dominion Dive Club
449Murray, Maya0.06.0Alexandria Dive Club
450Novice Girls 12-13, 3MDhond, Sania P0.06.0Dominion Dive Club
451Lebedev, Elice P0.06.0Dominion Dive Club
452Pawline, Sophia0.06.0Blue Dolphin Diving
453Rhee, Sam0.06.0Retriever Dive Club
454Silverstein, Lucy0.06.0Dominion Dive Club
455Thomas, Lee0.06.0Montgomery Dive Club
456Novice Girls 14-15, 1MDeJesus, Cara A0.06.0Dominion Dive Club
457Spoormaker, Nika0.06.0Dominion Dive Club
458Novice Girls 14-15, 3MBailey, Norah J0.06.0Montgomery Dive Club
459DeJesus, Cara A0.06.0Dominion Dive Club
460Gupta, Arya0.06.0Montgomery Dive Club
461Hsu, Lily K0.06.0Montgomery Dive Club
462Spoormaker, Nika0.06.0Dominion Dive Club
463Tazelaar, Graysun I0.06.0Richmond Area Diving
464Novice Girls 16-18, 1MSaper, Lucy M0.07.0Retriever Dive Club
465Novice Girls 16-18, 3MDonohoe, Morgan I0.07.0Montgomery Dive Club
466Kruidenier, Anna0.07.0Centennial Diving
467Leusch, Sofie0.07.0Montgomery Dive Club
468Synchro Boys 13u 1MBrown, Ivor S4.04.5Dominion Dive Club
469Grannis, Nathaniel  Dominion Dive Club
470Wanzer, Nicholas E4.03.9Dominion Dive Club
471Wanzer, Noah E  Dominion Dive Club
472Synchro Boys 13u 3MMiller, Liam4.03.8Dominion Dive Club
473Wang, Aidan D4.04.3Montgomery Dive Club
474Winn, Christopher T  Montgomery Dive Club
475Winn, Rayce  Dominion Dive Club
476Synchro Boys 14-15 1MBinning, Sean4.06.5Dominion Dive Club
477Cohen, Doug  Montgomery Dive Club
478Flory, Sam  Dominion Dive Club
479Yarden, Erez4.05.3Montgomery Dive Club
480Synchro Boys 14-15 3MBinning, Sean4.07.5Dominion Dive Club
481Flory, Sam  Dominion Dive Club
482Synchro Boys 16-19 1MCobos, Ethan  Blue Wave Diving
483Makowiec, Trent4.07.5Blue Wave Diving
484Synchro Girls 13u 1MDaSilva, Marleigh  Dominion Dive Club
485Winn, Arissona4.03.3Dominion Dive Club
486Synchro Girls 13u 3MBrooks, Jocelyn  Dominion Dive Club
487Joyce, Ellie4.03.9Dominion Dive Club
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