Name of Meet:
Dick Rush Memorial HS Coaches Invite
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Mar-01, 8:00 AM MST
Registration Closes:
Mar-14, 10:00 PM MST
Entry Fees Charged:
5310 E 136th Ave
Thornton, CO 80602
Main Contact:
Ron Johns
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Online Changes:
Available until Mar-14 10:00 PM MST

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General Meet Information (click to read)
All 11 Rounds will be competing same session. Top 30 advance to finals, limit 4 per team

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M 11-dive3711 3h57m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Arvada WestArvadaCO
2Chatfield Senior HSLittletonCO
3Cherokee Trail High SchoolAuroraCO
4Cherry Creek High SchoolGreenwood VillageCO
5Denver East HSDenverCO
6Denver NorthDenverCO
7Douglas CountyCastle RockCO
8Evergreen High SchoolEvergreenCO
9Fort Collins High SchoolFort CollinsCO
10Heritage High SchoolLittletonCO
11Monarch High SchoolLouisvilleCO
12Northfield high schoolDenverCO
13Parker Co-OpParkerCO
15Ralston ValleyArvadaCO
16Ranch Boys Co-opHighlands RanchCO
17Rocky Mountain High SchoolFort CollinsCO
18Silver CreekLongmontCO
19Wheat RidgeWheat RidgeCO
20Windsor High School Swim and DiveWindsorCO
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Bachman, CarterFR Denver, CO Northfield high schoolMar 13, 15:06
2Bierbrauer, NathanSO Golden, CO Arvada WestMar 05, 21:38
3Buckner, RowanSR Denver, CO Northfield high schoolMar 13, 10:46
4CARR, Sawyer  CO Cherokee Trail High SchoolMar 12, 19:02
5CHRISTIANSEN, Carson  CO Wheat RidgeMar 12, 23:07
6Danielson, Garrett  Littleton, CO Heritage High SchoolMar 12, 18:34
7Dreiling, Connor TJR Cenntenial, CO Heritage High SchoolMar 13, 12:42
8Edwards, Parker  Fort collins, CO Rocky Mountain High SchoolMar 12, 07:57
9Favela, Aidan  Fort Collins, CO Fort Collins High SchoolMar 12, 07:54
10Figah, LukeSR Aurora, CO Denver East HSMar 11, 11:37
11Finning, Dale  Windsor, CO Windsor High School Swim and DiveMar 06, 21:37
12Fischaber, Oliver  Lyons, CO Silver CreekMar 11, 10:00
13Garrigan, Ryder  Englewood, CO Cherry Creek High SchoolMar 13, 20:45
14Garrison, Andrew  Littleton, CO Ranch Boys Co-opMar 13, 06:48
15Halloran, CaseyFR Erie, CO Monarch High SchoolMar 13, 13:09
16Harrington, Carson  Evergreen, CO Evergreen High SchoolMar 09, 10:35
17Harrison, Michael  Arvada, CO Denver East HSMar 11, 11:39
18Johnson, DanielJR Denver, CO Northfield high schoolMar 13, 10:29
19Kolesnikov, Dennis  Denver, CO Northfield high schoolMar 13, 08:26
20Kotler, Sutton  Englewood, CO Cherry Creek High SchoolMar 13, 20:39
21Kreidler, Alex  Arvada, CO Ralston ValleyMar 07, 12:59
22Kubina, Wes  Littleton, CO Ranch Boys Co-opMar 12, 19:02
23Lein, Alex  Arvada, CO Arvada WestMar 05, 21:30
24Martino, Matthew  Louisville, CO Monarch High SchoolMar 12, 21:10
25Mascarenas, Anthony  Windsor, CO Windsor High School Swim and DiveMar 06, 21:40
26Mingo, Jordan  Littleton, CO Heritage High SchoolMar 12, 18:15
27Moran, Brecken  Littleton, CO Chatfield Senior HSMar 13, 22:20
28Neeb, Rider  Lyons, CO Silver CreekMar 11, 09:53
29Ogren, LukeJR englewood, CO Cherry Creek High SchoolMar 13, 20:37
30Ohrtman, Bryson  Littleton, CO Ranch Boys Co-opMar 12, 19:05
31Palmquist, Henry  Evergreen, CO Evergreen High SchoolMar 09, 10:39
32Perkins, AlexJR Denver, CO Northfield high schoolMar 13, 08:33
33Robertson, Alex SSR PARKER, CO Parker Co-OpMar 12, 18:44
34Senft, Sean  Arvada, CO Denver NorthMar 11, 11:42
35Shiffer, JacobFR Castle Rock, CO Douglas CountyMar 11, 13:36
36Simmons, Reid  Littleton, CO Heritage High SchoolMar 12, 18:39
37Stone, Anthony  Broomfield, CO PomonaMar 05, 21:26
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Andrie, KatherineHead CoachHeritage High SchoolGoldenCO
2Brauch, ConnorAsst. CoachWheat RidgeLakewoodCO
3Brinkhoff, BrettHead CoachEvergreen High SchoolEvergreenCO
4Farrell, BrianAsst. CoachNorthfield high schoolDenverCO
5Gregg, ShawnHead CoachSilver CreekLyonsCO
6Mayo, MichaelCoachCherokee Trail High SchoolBennettCO
7Morell, LaurenCoachChatfield Senior HSLittletonCO
8Palmer, RyanAsst. CoachWindsor High School Swim and DiveWindsorCO
9Richmond, LukeAsst. CoachRocky Mountain High SchoolFort CollinsCO
10Ruby, KarenHead CoachRalston ValleyArvadaCO
11Sage, KevinHead CoachDenver NorthArvadaCO
12Sedlmayr, MitchellHead CoachCherry Creek High SchoolAuroraCO
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Arvada WestBierbrauer, NathanSOGoldenCO
2Lein, Alex ArvadaCO
3Chatfield Senior HSMoran, Brecken LittletonCO
4Cherokee Trail High SchoolCARR, Sawyer  CO
5Cherry Creek High SchoolGarrigan, Ryder EnglewoodCO
6Kotler, Sutton EnglewoodCO
7Ogren, LukeJRenglewoodCO
8Denver East HSFigah, LukeSRAuroraCO
9Harrison, Michael ArvadaCO
10Denver NorthSenft, Sean ArvadaCO
11Douglas CountyShiffer, JacobFRCastle RockCO
12Evergreen High SchoolHarrington, Carson EvergreenCO
13Palmquist, Henry EvergreenCO
14Fort Collins High SchoolFavela, Aidan Fort CollinsCO
15Heritage High SchoolDanielson, Garrett LittletonCO
16Dreiling, Connor TJRCenntenialCO
17Mingo, Jordan LittletonCO
18Simmons, Reid LittletonCO
19Monarch High SchoolHalloran, CaseyFRErieCO
20Martino, Matthew LouisvilleCO
21Northfield high schoolBachman, CarterFRDenverCO
22Buckner, RowanSRDenverCO
23Johnson, DanielJRDenverCO
24Kolesnikov, Dennis DenverCO
25Perkins, AlexJRDenverCO
26Parker Co-OpRobertson, Alex SSRPARKERCO
27PomonaStone, Anthony BroomfieldCO
28Ralston ValleyKreidler, Alex ArvadaCO
29Ranch Boys Co-opGarrison, Andrew LittletonCO
30Kubina, Wes LittletonCO
31Ohrtman, Bryson LittletonCO
32Rocky Mountain High SchoolEdwards, Parker Fort collinsCO
33Silver CreekFischaber, Oliver LyonsCO
34Neeb, Rider LyonsCO
35Wheat RidgeCHRISTIANSEN, Carson  CO
36Windsor High School Swim and DiveFinning, Dale WindsorCO
37Mascarenas, Anthony WindsorCO
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M 11-diveBachman, Carter View Sheet 8.614.2Northfield high school
2Bierbrauer, Nathan View Sheet 8.412.6Arvada West
3Buckner, Rowan View Sheet 8.012.8Northfield high school
4CARR, Sawyer View Sheet 8.913.6Cherokee Trail High School
5CHRISTIANSEN, Carson View Sheet 8.714.5Wheat Ridge
6Danielson, Garrett View Sheet 8.211.9Heritage High School
7Dreiling, Connor T View Sheet 8.413.1Heritage High School
8Edwards, Parker View Sheet 8.514.3Rocky Mountain High School
9Favela, Aidan View Sheet 8.914.8Fort Collins High School
10Figah, Luke View Sheet 8.012.5Denver East HS
11Finning, Dale View Sheet 8.310.6Windsor High School Swim and Dive
12Fischaber, Oliver View Sheet 8.113.0Silver Creek
13Garrigan, Ryder View Sheet 8.913.4Cherry Creek High School
14Garrison, Andrew View Sheet 8.613.9Ranch Boys Co-op
15Halloran, Casey View Sheet 8.412.4Monarch High School
16Harrington, Carson View Sheet 9.018.2Evergreen High School
17Harrison, Michael View Sheet 8.312.9Denver East HS
18Johnson, Daniel View Sheet 8.213.2Northfield high school
19Kolesnikov, Dennis View Sheet 8.914.0Northfield high school
20Kotler, Sutton View Sheet 8.013.0Cherry Creek High School
21Kreidler, Alex View Sheet 8.816.7Ralston Valley
22Kubina, Wes View Sheet 7.411.0Ranch Boys Co-op
23Lein, Alex View Sheet 8.713.2Arvada West
24Martino, Matthew View Sheet 8.413.0Monarch High School
25Mascarenas, Anthony View Sheet 9.014.4Windsor High School Swim and Dive
26Mingo, Jordan View Sheet 8.312.9Heritage High School
27Moran, Brecken View Sheet 8.814.7Chatfield Senior HS
28Neeb, Rider View Sheet 8.814.0Silver Creek
29Ogren, Luke View Sheet 9.016.5Cherry Creek High School
30Ohrtman, Bryson View Sheet 8.813.7Ranch Boys Co-op
31Palmquist, Henry View Sheet 8.715.0Evergreen High School
32Perkins, Alex View Sheet 8.011.5Northfield high school
33Robertson, Alex S View Sheet 8.715.4Parker Co-Op
34Senft, Sean View Sheet 8.412.7Denver North
35Shiffer, Jacob View Sheet 8.613.8Douglas County
36Simmons, Reid View Sheet 7.610.2Heritage High School
37Stone, Anthony View Sheet 8.414.0Pomona
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